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Adorable Hair Exporters have come up with a revolution in hair styling industry. With various kinds of hair styling products in the market, adorable hair exporters have created wonders. The product list consists of Wavy Hair, Keratine or Clipon Hair Extensions, Lace Wigs, Straight Hair and Curly Hair. High quality products are available with us. No harmful chemicals are added while straightening procedure. Moreover, the products would not require any kind of maintenance after purchasing. Also, all our products are created in most hygienic platform. Hair products of all sizes are available with us. We have used experts who are well trained in collecting hair from major temples of India.We have then purified them 100% for producing the hair products. The following are the list of products available with us.

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Curly Hair

Women are endowed with natural accessories which need to be harnessed for looking beautiful. One of them is hair. Adding extra vigor and lush to the hair provides an attractive look. Some women have straight hair or even less hair but adding a curly effect on can make them look gorgeous.

Here Adorable Hair Exporters provide best solution by bringing the curly hair product in the market. These hair wigs give extra lush and glamour to your stylish attire. They are manufactured with utmost care, while maintaining hygiene and quality control. These hair wigs are highly comfortable and easy to wear. Due to their various size ranges, they fit on every scalp without difficulty.

Adorable Hair Exporters ensure to make quality products which are soft in texture and lice-free. These curly hair wigs will provide a trendy but natural look to women who love to style. Without worries you can easily get in touch with us to get these curly hair. Read More

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Wavy Hair

Every women would love to bring a new look each time she prepares for any occasion. Adorable Hair Exporters provide the ultimate solution by emerging with variety of new hair products. Wavy hair wig is one of them. We have a variety of options for bringing a wavy hair look which include

  • Waving of straight hair
  • Waving of short hair
  • Air dry wavy hair
  • Hair of thick waves
  • Layered wave
  • Medium wave
  • Beach wave
  • Waving of Tight hair
  • Tousled wavy hair

Each style has its own features which will make you look gorgeous and attractive. Once these hair styles are maneuvered on you, no extra effect or spree is required to uplift their beauty. They provide a natural bouncy character to your hair without mingling with your natural strands. Read More

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Straight Hair

The most accepted hair style by women throughout the world is straight hair but only few women are born with straight hair. The trend has spread at such a level that women who have curly hair are also straightening them. Straightening of hair is available almost at every beauty corners and spas. But selecting the best out of all is quite difficult. Places which provide best quality products while straightening your hair are very few in numbers.

So, adorable Hair Exporters has come up with a solution for you with their Straight hair products which they have created using latest techniques and best hair

products. Their straight hair products are of good quality and they will also help you to maintain the nutrition and health of your hair and do not cause any allergy or irritation to your skin. As straightened hair gives modern as well as professional look to your attire, buying them from Adorable Hair Exporters would be good choice. Read More

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Lace Wigs

If you really want to change your hair style and give it an appraising look, then you must go for hair lace wigs. You can easily avail these lace wigs from the most renowned and appreciated Adorable Hair Exporters. Here we make them with the Pure Virgin Remy hair found in India.

Hair lace wigs not only solve the problems for loss of hair but also changes your hair style to huge extent. These lace wigs could be easily fitted temporarily with the help of glue on the skin of one's hairline.

Our products are easy to maintain and lasts for more than two years. Buy this exclusive product from us and we definitely provide you guarantee of its quality and durability. We ensure to enhance your beauty by applying this unique lace wig and provide you with a unique look. Read More

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Clipon Extensions

Adorable Hair Exporters are considered as the best provider for any kind of hair products in the entire world. We have come up with an innovative method for increasing the volume of your hair. One of them is the clipon extensions, which are nothing but small strands of hair. You can attach these on the skin of the hairline with the help of clips inorder to bring extra volume and bounce to your hair.

Since, clipon extension technique is considered as the best method to improve the quantity of women hair, getting the extensions from Adorable Hair Exporters will help you to get quality products. They also provide these extensions at quite an affordable amount compared to some other beauty corners.

The applying and removal processes of these clipon extensions are very easy and hence they can be used by a novice. Low hair density creates loss of confidence in you. So be a confident and attractive woman by simply adding this easy-to-use clipon extension on your beauty wardrobe from Adorable Hair Exporters. Read More

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Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions are used by women who are suffering from extensive loss of hair. This hair extension can be attached permanently on the skin of your scalp. Adorable Hair Exporters provide keratine extensions with utmost care and comfort. Depending upon the series, we provide keratin extension from highest 50 to lowest 10 hair strands.

On application of 10 series, you have to take extra care of your hair with special shampoos and conditioners. But after applying 50 series, you are free from any kind of maintenance as the strands attaches very strongly and do not come out easily. The tip of each strand consists of hair protein called keratin, which retains nutrition naturally from your original hair. If you would like to get it, you can get in touch with us today. Read More

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